Would you neglect to maintain your car? If you did, would you be surprised if it broke down?

Would you neglect to maintain your car? If you did, would you be surprised if it broke down?

Then, why do you neglect routine maintenance and tune-ups for your computer??

We Do PC Tune-Ups!

We do PC Tune-Ups!

Most people are accustomed to doing regular oil changes, brake pad maintenance and more for their cars and motorcycles – even for RVs, ATVs and other recreation vehicles. Most computer users think nothing of leaving their PC untouched for years. They then wonder why it or runs poorly or is slow.

The principles of routine maintenance should be applied to your PCs as well. Just running windows updates or downloading and installing updates for frequently used programs are not the same as proper maintenance.

Are you aware that can we perform a PC Tune-Up for you remotely?

Disks cleaning and reorganization are part of the maintenance we can perform remotely.  We can check your machines are running properly, don’t have out of date protection and more….

We can check your backups are working properly and that disk space is sufficient.  Regular PC Tuneups can keep your PC running smoothly and extend it’s serviceable life.

We have been helping customers with their PCs and offering advice on upgrades for many years, so we can help you!

Some of the benefits of having us perform a PC Tune-up:

  • Slow boot times will be sped up
  • PCs that are just running ‘slow’ will run much faster
  • Your security software will be upgraded and configured properly
  • We’ll check if your hard-drive is experiencing hardware failures

All these things and more are part of our ‘Advanced Tuneup’ for small business users – these services are included FREE of Charge to our Managed Service Customers!

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