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Website Security

Don’t get blacklisted by Google®. Find security threats before hackers do. Common website content management systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more, are common targets for botnets and web hackers – they want control of your site for a number of reasons. here are just the top 4:
  1. To send spam and unwanted email from your domain
  2. To place virus/trojan code on your web pages to infect your visitors
  3. To host files, images, and other content, some of which might be illegal (child porn or hidden phishing sites)
  4. As a gateway to other sites and resources in the same geographic region.
Site Scanner identifies malware links and security gaps on your website that could allow a hacker to steal information, vandalize your site or infect your customers. Daily vulnerability scans, combined with pro-active hardening of your website, hacker-safe and other industry best solutions provide you a way to look for threats, keep them out – and if the worst happens – to remove them quickly and easily. Keeping your site software up to date, not using passwords you used on other sites for FTP/SFTP or control panel access are simple ways of keeping your ‘safer’ – but do you have time to run updates monthly, weekly or even daily? Contact us immediately if you think your website is under attack!