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Sophos UTM Appliances

Sophos UTM AppliancesSophos offers a full line of UTM + NextGen Firewall Appliances – from SG105 models for home / small office type scenarios, all the way to the SG550 + SG650 products for large business to enterprise deployments.

Small Business UTM Appliances

These desktop firewall appliances offer an excellent price-to-performance ratio. They utilize the latest technology and are available with or without integrated wireless networking. Models: SG 105 (w), SG 115 (w), SG 125 (w), 135 (w) Medium Business UTM Appliances The Sophos mid-range appliances offer incredible performance in a 1U rack-mount form factor ideal for medium business up to enterprise operations. They offer the latest technology and superior flexibility to fit nearly any network requirement.  Models: SG 210, SG 230, SG 310, SG 330, SG 430, SG 450

Large Business UTM Appliances

The Sophos top-of-the-line firewalls come equipped to provide protection for larger distributed organizations and data center environments. They offer the latest high-performance technology and the ultimate in flexibility to meet the most demanding networking requirements. Models: SG 550, SG 650

Sophos UTM Appliance Dashboard

Sophos UTM Appliance Dashboard

Sophos UTM Appliance Dashboard

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