Safetica Data Loss Prevention Secure your data quickly and easily

Protect your business data with easy DLP

Safetica helps small and mid-sized businesses affordably protect data in the same way that large corporations do. We even help with the installation for free to make DLP easy.

Quickly identify threats and vulnerabilities

With Safetica you can identify where leaks could happen; prevent data from escaping whether it’s in use, in motion, or at rest; and secure all of your sensitive data companywide.

Simplify your regulatory compliance

Safetica makes it easier to comply with changing HIPAA, SOX, and PCI regulations by encrypting data, preventing sensitive data from escaping, and even limiting what can be printed.


Adjust data security with a click

With Safetica you can create global and group security policies easily, then select individual or group security on a sliding scale from allow to notify to deny.

Simplify setup with contextual DLP

Safetica’s contextual approach to DLP gives you greater flexibility in setting security policies based on location, department, employee, application, and file type.


Keep data safe yet available

Safetica’s lightweight endpoint doesn’t slow down systems, and our contextual approach to DLP lets the right people work with sensitive data in the ways they need to.

Make it easy to educate employees
while protecting data

Stop risky sharing and data theft

When employees try to save, send, or share sensitive files in ways that are not secure or allowed, Safetica blocks the attempt and notifies both you and the employee. With Safetica, you can even customize these messages so they appear to come from your company.

Encrypt files for more security

When you use Safetica to encrypt your sensitive data and drives, former employees, thieves, hackers, and spies can’t access it. So even if a laptop is stolen, a flash drive is dropped, or a smartphone is lost, your data is safe.