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Carbonite Backup for Home + Business

It is time to start rethinking how we protect & preserve our data!



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We all live on our computers now a days – we work, play and shop… they are our music, our mailman, our encyclopedias and photo albums. Computers are NOT perfect and files can be corrupt, motherboards die, 1000’s of new viruses are created everyday and what would you do if your computer was stolen or destroyed by a natural disaster?  How do you protect yourself from all of this? You have insurance for your car, your home, your life insurance and today’s talk is very focused on health insurance – now is the time to insure your irreplaceable files and folders and your pictures and emails too!Carbonite Home Backup
For Personal Home Computers: Carbonite takes the time out of backing up your files so you can spend more time making memories. Available products for home: Carbonite Home $59.99 per year MRP    Learn More Carbonite Home Plus $99.99 per year MRP    Learn More Carbonite Home Premier $149.99 per year MRP    Learn More   Carbonite Business Backup Solutions For Business Computers: Carbonite business products backs up your entire business automatically so you don’t have to. Available products for business: Basic $269.99 per year MSRP    Learn More Plus $499.99 per year MSRP Learn More (#1 Seller) Prime $599.99 per year MSRP Learn More   For Server Plans: Basic $799.99 per year MSRP Learn More Plus $899.99 per year MSRP Learn More Basic $999.99 per year MSRP Learn More   Carbonite E2 Appliance:

500Gb or 1Tb Local Storage – Cloud Storage – 1 Year of Retention – Backup as a Service!  Learn More.

You can bundle your Carbonite backup with us when you buy another product (like antivirus) or service (like website hosting) – or contact us to buy Carbonite alone!         Bundling backup + other service allows us to save you some money – but all our products can be bought as standalone – backup, antivirus, anti-spam etc, etc