And they say that antivirus isn’t required on a Macintosh

For years and years, Apple maintained that an antivirus program was not required and Macintosh – and for many years, if you were careful – is was *largely* true.

Mac OSX Malware is no longer a fantasy - it's real!The amount of Macintosh threats were minimal – and the cybercriminals simply didn’t go after Macintosh computers because their numbers were relatively low.

As Apple’s market share increased, these cybercriminals turned their attention to Macs – because they cost more – the customer who buy them are typically well off to affluent – and because often-times, they were plain easy to infect – because they lived in a bubble where clicking on bad-links and programs simply had no ill-effects.

Those days are GONE – pure history.

New Macintosh threats appear on a very regular basis – and some range from fairly benign popups, to full-blown banker-trojans.

Want to see the list of recent MacOS-X Malware Threat – click here.

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