They Say that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – and in CyberSecurity, this couldn’t be more true…

They say that knowledge is power – and it really is.  For us the struggle to acquire knowledge on the topic of CyberSecurity is a daily struggle.  We must stay on top of topics relating to spam, ransomware, backup and disaster recovery, to endpoint protection and emerging threats, plus the products which counter them.  We need to learn about the social engineering tricked used by malicious actors who want to trick our customers (and us) into revealing secrets which can be used against us, to profit from us, and to steal from us.

So it’s with a heavy heart that we have to admit – this is a full time job and the work is never-ending.

Why do we say this with a heavy heart? Because we know that there are those of you out there – who try to do all this, while trying to do what you regularly do to bring in money and make a living.  We are heavy-hearted because we know that there are not enough hours in the day for us to do this without the help of MULTIPLE vendors. We interact with these vendors on a daily basis. Not a day goes by without us talking to one vendor or another, or reading white papers, or blogs and articles on what it takes to keep a business safe. Even so, we still have to plan for the worst possible scenario – that we will one-day FAIL to protect a customer from malicious actors and criminals.

Yes, that’s right – we plan to cover the customer if all the protection levels fail.

So why is all of this relevant to you?  We suspect that are one of the millions of business owners who is trying to do all of this for yourself – and we have to break it to you… this is NOT your business.  Keeping yourself safe, is something that you should not have to do all by yourself.  Buying an antivirus, or an anti-malware protection product, or a backup solution, or hiring an in-house ‘expert’ who will get stuck refilling printers with ink or toner – is NOT the solution you need. You might think it is, but we have to tell you – it’s not. All it takes is one click, one missed patch, one failure, human or otherwise – and without all the safety nets in the world, it’s all for nought.

What you need – is someone like us. You need someone whose business is protecting businesses. That’s our job – and it’s what we do.

Why do I need you – surely I can just buy a product for that?

Because you have to get back to doing what will make your customers happy – while we relieve you of much of that burden of security. Products change – we evolve as the threats evolve. It’s our job to stay on top of this – not yours!

Let us take the day-to-day grind of security off your shoulders.  We can manage the staff training for phishing awareness.  We monitor the logs – we run the updates, or check they took place. We can be the ones who make sure that the backups are completed, redundant, and that you have your butt in the fully-covered position.

Ready for the right solutions?

It’s time to offload your technology troubles and security stress.