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Email Security

Let’s talk about Email Security

Do you live and die by your email? So many businesses do…

Now think about how many emails you get a day – and how many are junk? How about phishing emails? Have you ever looked closely at those emails you know are junk and you just deleted them?

Ask yourself a simple question… have you ever been tempted to click and look at even a single email? We know that some do.

Now think about this simple statistic… 91% of ransomware starts with an email.

Phishing and spear-phishing is on the increase. If your company is involved in monetary transactions, or real-estate, then you’re likely to be spear-phished in the coming year. The chances are at least 99.99%.

Are you confident that everyone in your team is going to catch every phishing email? How about every malicious link?

Talk to us about phishing training, inbound and outbound mail-filtering.

Let’s talk Email Security!

If only it was so simple nowadays!

If only it was so simple nowadays!