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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

So you think you have a backup? Are you sure?

Where is your backup? It is attached to your computer as in – an external hard drive?

That used to be an adequate backup a while ago. But think back to the 2013 floods in Colorado, or the storms in Texas this summer (2017) – if your office gets flooded, where is your backup?

Think about an electrical storm – if your power lines or building get hit by lightning, will your external hard drive survive? It might not.

How about ransomware?

Most modern ransomware checks for locally accessible backups, disable or corrupt them, then begin the work of encrypting your files. Some even lay low for weeks while your good backups are overwritten with encrypted files before announcing themselves.

We haven’t even begun to talk about accidental file erasure, or malicious insider yet… but trust us, you need a better backup!

Let’s talk Backup and Disaster Recovery

Is this your Idea of a good Backup?

Is this your idea of a backup strategy?