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Bringing you Better Security through Better Solutions, Policies and Processes.

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How we help Businesses

Learn How Computer Security Solutions Helps Businesses

Computer Security Solutions works with businesses in a number of ways – the level of engagement between us and our clients varies.

Buy solutions directly from our online store

For some customers, we simply provide software, services and or products – we’re the company they buy their endpoint protection from, backup, firewall appliance.

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Work with us as a trusted advisor

For some customers, we play a much more active role – helping and advising their internal IT person or IT team in selecting the correct protection products for specific needs.

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Hire us as consultants to do research on solutions for you

Another way of working with Computer Security Solutions, is to have us analyze your needs. In this role we work as a consultant or even virtual chief officer. We can help identify exposure, where you need coverage in terms of insurance, products or services etc, procedures policies keep business secure.

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Have us take care of your security needs for you

The final way we work with companies is to manage their security. In this role we take over the day operations of checking that backups took place properly, spam filters are working, firewalls updating and blocking malicious traffic while passing valid efficiently etc. We have several levels of service on our managed security side. In this role we’re working as a Managed Security Services provider.

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Computer Security SolutionsA Managed Services Provider is an industry term that indicates a higher level of IT service.  It’s typically a flat rate structure for IT, and has included support as well as proactive network maintenance.  The idea behind managed services is forming a true partnership that allows us to get to know our clients.  That knowledge of their network and day to day operations allow us to craft better solutions to their technology challenges.

No matter how larger or small, we have solutions that are right for your business and excellent support to keep it running!

Contact us and tell us what your needs are and we will find the RIGHT solutions at the RIGHT price RIGHT now.