Free onboarding for Managed Service Customers with 10 or fewer machines during May 2018

May is the time of year when you want to be outside – you’re distracted and that ‘one click’ is to easy…

May really is the start of our good weather – and yes, in Colorado that means people are streaming outside and away from their desks (and computers – unless you’re techies like us – when you’ll probably take the laptop with you)…

But CyberCriminals don’t take a break – phishing emails and malware authors don’t care about the summer, and there are some clever attack vectors they can go after – their fake ads will have beach scenes, or outdoor sports, they might feature baseball or other pastimes you would rather be partaking in rather than sitting in your office… anything to tempt that one click which might trip you up, infect your network with malware – or worse – ransomware??

So why don’t you just stop worrying about it – and let us sun-starved techies of Computer Security Solutions handle your updates and your backups?

To make your decision easier, we’re waiving our onboarding fees for signups of up to 10 computers during May of 2018 contact us without delay for Saving in our May 2018 special!.

Ready for the right solutions?

It’s time to offload your technology troubles and security stress.