FBI warns of Android Malware SlemBunk and Marcher

FBI warns of Android Malware Slembunk and Marcher

Android Malware Families Slembunk + Marcher are actively seeking your banking credentials

Today we received notification from the FBI of two families of malware for Android devices which are actively seeking US Banking Credentials. The FBI notice contains information which is marked as TLP: AMBER – which means we cannot share the exact contents with you. However, we can inform you that there are these Android Malware families which can BYPASS your two-factor authentication via text messages. So it is important that you only install android applications from trusted sources, and that you consider some kind of Mobile Security product.

Some tips we can give you about Android Malware:

  • Only install mobile applications from trusted sources.
  • Review your Application Vendor for Reputation before installing Apps.
  • Do not download software or apps from 3rd-party application platforms or untrusted Web sites
  • Review application permissions during installation.
  • Do not grant permissions requested are if in-appropriate for the type of application being downloaded.
  • Regularly update the Android operating system.
  • Do NOT JailBreak your Android Phone.
  • Install and regularly update a reputable anti-virus or anti-malware solution on Android devices.
  • Do not open or click on hyperlinks in SMS, MMS, or e-mails from unknown or suspicious sources.
  • Do not open attachments included in unsolicited e-mails.
  • Consider downloading an ad blocker to enable the device’s browser to block advertisements and pop-ups.
  • Use only secured wireless connections to access the Internet, taking extreme caution when accessing public Wi-Fi connections.

For further information on Slembunk – view this early article from FireEye.
For information on Marcher – check out this article.

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