Equifax UK Breach: Number of UK affected consumers increases to 700k

It is being reported that the number of UK consumers affected in the Equifax Breach has increased from the original estimate of 400k to just short of 700k.

The breach which was originally reported on September 7th of this year, resulted in attackers making off with a file of 15.2 million UK records. The company has now confirmed that they are working on informing the 693,665 UK consumers whose data was stolen in this data breach.

Previously, Equifax has estimated the number to be in the 400k region, but that number was just revised upwards by a considerable margin. Equifax has stated that they will be sending notices by mail to the affected UK consumers.

  • 12,086 consumers who had an email address associated with their Equifax.co.uk account in 2014 accessed
  • 14,961 consumers who had portions of their Equifax.co.uk membership details — such as username, password, secret questions and answers, as well as partial credit card details accessed
  • 29,188 consumers who had their drivers license numbers accessed
  • 637,430 consumers who had their phone numbers accessed

Equifax would not state whether portions of the data file take were encrypted, although it would appear not.


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