Do I really need to consider CyberSecurity Awareness Training? The answer may surprise you…

Most businesses from solopreneurs all the way to large local retail chains, believe that CyberSecurity Awareness Training is just not required in their business.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most businesses with any regulatory oversight, will require cyber security awareness training. This means if your business is subject to the following, you’re required to have training in place:

  • PCI DSS (take credit cards)
  • HIPAA (medical)
  • SOX (corporate auditing accountability)
  • Data Protection (UK/EU)
  • GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation in the UK/EU)

or any other form of regulatory oversight, then you’re required to have CyberSecurity training!

The good news is, training doesn’t need to be burdensome or expensive.

We offer tailored CyberSecurity training which you can manage in your own business from as little as $2 per employee per month – all the way up to fully managed Cybersecurity Awareness with personalized follow-up by our in-house team. Even the fully managed offerings can be considerably less expensive than having an in-house staffer run the training!

We have general cybersecurity courses and tailored courses for specific complianced industries, which can be interspersed and are available in very short and easy to complete modules, as short as 7 minutes long. Training does not require your team to leave their computers, and will not take all day!

To take the next step – just call or contact us!

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