Determine Your Digital Resiliency and Strengthen Your Cyber Security Strategy

An area of increasing importance for a more robust cyber security strategy for any organization is in determining your level of digital resilience. This is often carried out via an internal audit that takes into account every aspect of how your organization processes data.

In order for a cyber security program to be effective, it requires input at every level, which means there has to be conversation and involvement from the executive suite down to the mailroom. If an employee has access to the system, they need to be audited.

Risky situations can occur when there is a low level of awareness in regard to how dependent an organization is on digital processes. Furthermore, an organization becomes even more vulnerable when employees are uneducated in regard to the risks out there today. This means one of the first steps in strengthening your cyber security strategy is educating your team.

What other considerations are important as you develop your cyber security strategy?

Hardware Risks

As organizations embrace digitization, interoperability becomes an issue, particularly in trying to tie legacy systems in with newer technology. This can lead to exposure that leaves the organization vulnerable.

For this reason, when developing a cyber security plan, care must be taken in figuring out exactly how interoperable the hardware is and if there is software that can strengthen security. It is also key to find solutions that reduce roadblocks as much as possible without risking security.

Disaster Recovery

Managed services are a go-to solution for disaster recovery protection. Most organizations think they are better protected than they really are, so start by asking: are you backed up?

Not that long ago backing up to a device attached to your computer, such as an external hard drive was all the protection people thought they needed. What if your office gets hit with a ransomware attack and they’ve gotten access to your external hard drive? What if a fire tears through your building?

This is why managed, cloud-based services are offering that extra layer of cyber security that can help organizations go worry free (almost – there still need to be protections put in place locally) about their data.

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