Data Breach Readiness: What’s in Your Response Plan?

In an increasingly data-driven world, we’re forced to be cyber resilient. Yet a majority of businesses aren’t sufficiently protecting themselves from cyber criminals who are constantly finding new ways to gain entry into areas of systems where they can do significant damage. Data breach readiness must be a higher priority.

One common cyber security misconception is that technology should be the priority in data breach readiness. However, technology is only one aspect of a comprehensive approach to staying safe in a volatile environment.

Choose Your Protectors

Your IT team is an important component of a security response team, but they can’t shoulder all the responsibility and certainly not the bulk of the accountability for all things cyber. Your security team should represent a cross section of your entire organization, with players from all parts coming together to build a better plan for security.

Every employee has to accept responsibility for what they do while accessing your system. And because someone from their department is part of the security team, they should have representation that can communicate the vital components of data breach readiness protocols.

Approaching a Plan

Every organization’s plan for handling cyber attacks will differ because each entity has unique qualities, which means there is no “one size fits all” solution. However, an approach that might differ little between organizations is one where they look at privacy policies and existing security and data policies and use these as their baseline for building a better strategy.

It’s during the planning stage that the network environment is also fully mapped out so everyone understands exactly what they’re working with. This offers a better foundation for knowing how to respond in the event of a breach. Everyone will know exactly what steps they need to take as individuals.

Gearing Up With the Right Tools

With the right tools, your response to a cyber security incident can be greatly impacted. Critical resources, which should also include managed services, give you more insight into what’s going on in a high-risk environment, effectively reducing risk and improving response times.

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