Could Your Business Survive a Cryptor

The days of simple malware – developed by amateurs that were just looking to make mischief – are long gone. Organized crime lies behind much of today’s malware…and the focus is on making money.

It’s possible that you or someone in your company will get held to ransom by a cryptor at some point and this could have a devastating effect on your business.

Spear-phishing and other advanced tactics are used by cryptor authors to target PCs, Macs, Android devices and even virtual systems.

As with most things prevention is better than cure – and in this case much less expensive! So, don’t get held to ransom… learn how to protect your business from cryptors with our Practical Guide: Could your business survive a cryptor? Information included within this special guide includes:

What is ransomware, what damage can it do and what is the cost to a business.
How and what a cryptor attacks, plus how they cover their tracks upon attacking
Tips and advice on how to protect your business

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