Is your IT Professional a trusted advisor, or the guy (or gal) who you call when things go wrong?

Too many Business Owners keep their IT company at arms length!

Whether it’s because they have a ‘break-fix’ relationship, or because they fear large bills and have no faith that the IT solutions bring value to their business – a common approach to dealing with Information technology and the tech-company, is to have them on speed-dial and to pray you never have to call them.

Say Hello to the new Microsoft Office Icons, whether you like them or not …

Microsoft has revealed all-new Office 365 app icons with bolder, lighter hues, combined with simplistic visuals and supposedly more recognizable symbols.New Office 365 Icons.

These New Icons are supposedly easier to recognize, although they may be a little ‘different’ to those of use who have used the old icons since they were introduced in 2013.

Good News! Fighting Malware in 2019 Will Be Much Easier (Just Kidding … It Gets Way Harder)

Through 2018 the malware forecast looked good – Artificial Intelligence (AI) was being deployed against malicious threats and the outlook was becoming rosy…

Unfortunately, 2019 isn’t shaping up so well. State actors are intent on leveraging a much more affordable weapon against their foes – and that weapon is Cybercrime.

Have you ever needed to Translate a PowerPoint Presentation? Do it for free with this official microsoft addon

Have you ever needed to Translate a PowerPoint Presentation? Do it for free with this Microsoft add-on. It’s also real-time & did we say – FREE!

It can be somewhat embarrassing to realize that all the time and effort you put into your presentation might be lost in translation, when someone in the audience struggles with the language you built it in.

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