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Bringing you Better Security through Better Solutions, Policies and Processes.

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Resellers & Partners Wanted

Yes, resellers & partners wanted! Whether you’re searching for your first internet security product, cloud backup and recovery solution, hosting client or you’re just looking for a better one, Computer Security Solutions only sells what we consider to be the Best of Breed solutions. We want to help you stand apart from the others with our solutions. Our Partners make money!We offer competitive discounts to IT companies that want to sell products and get a little extra in their pockets at the same time. Our partner program will make it profitable for you to sell the solutions you need to your clients – without having to become a direct partner. Leverage our strong partner relationships (and much larger volume sales) to increase your margins – our long business history allowed us to obtain better margins than most and we would like to pass them on to you! Our partner commitment also directs our product development. We’re dedicated to helping you grow your business by listening to your suggestion of products you’d like to sell, all while making the business of IT management quick and easy. We know the less time you spend shopping for products to sell, the more time you’ll have to focus on other areas of your business. Getting started is easy. We don’t charge licensing or startup fees and our support team is entirely U.S.-based. We never contact your clients directly and if any of them contact us we redirect them back to you. You have nothing to lose and only money to gain. If you want to simply earn commissions for referring customers to Computer Security Solutions, then can be done through our website: