2016 Data Breaches Infographic

Here is an infographic of the key Data Breaches in Q1 and Q2 of 2016 – Courtesy of Gemalto:

2016 Data Breaches InfoGraphic

2016 Data Breaches InfoGraphic

As documented in the Breach Level Index, the first six months of 2016 demonstrated that hackers continue to get past conventional perimeter security with relative ease, targeting nearly every industry and executing several high profile data breaches that scored tens of millions of data records each. The above infographic presents the number of breaches, the number of data records lost, and data breaches by industry, type of breach, source and by country/region.

Key Points/Stats from this Infographic:

  • Data breaches totaled 974, up 31% compared to previous six months
  • There were a total of 544,454,942 million data records compromised in H1 2016, which equates to 35 records lost or stolen every second
  • Identity and personal data theft accounted for 64% of all data breaches
  • Healthcare organizations account for 27% of all data breaches
  • North America was the most breached region largely due to 728 breaches that occurred in the United States
  • 27% companies have experienced a perimeter security breach in the past 12 months

From safenet.gemalto.com

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